Inkline Design Studio

Wema Mini-Branch, Nigeria.

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TYPOLOGY: Commercial 

SIZE: 172 Sqm

STATUS: 2013 Design Proposal 

The brief requires the Design be able to accommodate the basic branch personnel to be able to achieve its main functions. The building should be easy to build and low cost, however, would still have to be worthy of the status of the bank in the industry.

As part of the brief, we are expected to ensure affordability for these renovations thus our design concept on all prototypes. The concept is ease in building and need for as little modifications as possible. We have also opened up the frontages to create lightness for these small building spaces and to also provide advertising spaces for items and meal offers. 

Our approach was to address the main issues of ease of building and its cost of construction primarily. To this effect, we have proposed using shipping containers. Six 40 feet containers were stacked together side by side in two sets resulting in a 7.2meters by 24meters footprint to accommodate the spaces required. the major spaces achieved included; Vault, Two offices, Open Office, Toilet and Banking Hall. A basic prototype to depict these spaces was designed for the floor plan- which can always be edited to accommodate more spaces depending on spaces that are not considered as most vital in any particular location. As a result of this considerations, 3 options have been provided with variations focused on the exterior of the prototype.